first daguldol where i had an asthma attack midtrail, ogan lost his wallet, ton had a fever, and julienne heard that “$uck my €¤ck!” in our neighbor’s tent!


we’re at the edge of spider-verse! and kicking things off is… the superior spiderman! DOC OCK??? i can’t believe im saying this but im happy he’s back!


others might have a personalized coke bottle but ive got this personalized NUTELLA spread. thanks bro. sorry to say but i can only give you half a days worth of d3 playtime with this. hahaha >:D




"i cant get her out of my mind, i think about the girl all the time…"


24 hour monday


new work wallpaper!

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"…because boys like a little more booty to hold at niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight…"

im so IN LOVE with her voice! <3 <3 <3


20 Facts!

(photo art by melissa smith which i grabbed off of google X_x)

some 20 random facts about me! so, without further ado, here goes:

  1. i overthink things. a lot. ALL THE TIME. this also makes me think of the worst that could happen in anything. not a good thinking process but it helps me prepare for the worst. 
  2. i hate joining in competitions. i only see it as a "palayuan ng ihi" thing and as much as possible i tend to avoid it whenever i can. 
  3. i love spiderman and peter parker because he’s a kid. he’s fun, witty, smart and doesn’t stop talking. he’s also a guy with problems: job, money, love life, family, friends. as peter, he’s a nobody to most people and when he’s in his spidey suit he’s the best or the worst, forever being judged. he’s not perfect. he struggles. he fights. just like me and maybe like everyone else. 
  4. i talk a lot. in my head. 
  5. obviously introvert. but instead of sharing what an introvert is (just google it already, you extroverts) lemme tell you something about one of my introvert pass time. love to listen to talking people. like in gatherings, id just be sitting there and listening to the stories people have. that kind of stuff. 
  6. i love kesha’s music as much as i love system of a down as much as i love blink-182 as much as i love mojofly as much as i love psotmodern jukebox 
  7. i can never get street dance. my body was not programmed for it. so i bend over to social dances. and i have to thank mam A for teaching me how to sway my hips without moving my shoulders too much. this frogman learned naman po mam A! and i can still do it! although i don’t do ballroom anymore, im remembering everything you taught to me in zumba. hahahaha 
  8. i have experienced those scenes you only get to watch in uberly romantic afternoon/evening teleseryes or chick flicks. but no details here! hahahahaha 
  9. my alternate tumblr blog has more followers than my first one. but im active to both. and i feel proud that alot of netizens follow me for what i post there. it may not be my best art but those who follow me appreciate those that i put there. oh! and my tumblr blog has been featured by: 
  10. Diablo. this is my meth. my uncle introduced this game to me back in the 90s. at first i would only watch him play games such as Doom, Warcraft 2, and Diablo. then one day as i was sitting beside him, “jeyb, wanna try? let’s make you a warrior!” my uncle is already retired from gaming but i carried on whatever “legacy” he left me with. killed Diablo a million times now over 15 years, travelled beyond the dark portal, shot as many wasteland raiders, travelled and waged war through galaxies, and entered frozen tombs for a broken blade just to name a few of the virtual adventures my uncle opened for me.  
  11. mountaineering has been both a frustration and satisfaction:frustration on the weight on your back, the day long climb/traverse, walking under the burning sun or during a typhoon, setting up your tent before you can sleep.satisfaction of the view youll be seeing and taking photos of, being with most trusted companions (who are suffering the same thing!), learning (in my case to cook!) new things, and finally reaching that summit or hidden beach cove, waving the WMFK flag and taking photos to brag about and to use as new profile pic/cover photos in fb 
  12. i have a twitter account! and i can count the number of friends following my twitter with just one hand! achievement! 
  13. im always wishing that i could just be bald. so i don’t have to worry about getting my hair shaved every now and then 
  14. i would purposely put my computer on screensaver mode ‘cause my screen saver shows random photos i have collected. what im trying to say is that im a nostalgic person and would always look to my past photos or read past journal entries and remeber the “good old days”. hmmmmmm, i think i can already picture myself when im old and in a wheelchair. hahahahaha 
  15. i have the biggest crush on zooey deschanel and i got depressed when she broke up with her then husband and lead vocal of (another of my favorite band) deathcab for cutie, ben gibbard. still QQing over it 
  16. in my mind, im always secretly slapping the faces of asians who use the term “middle east” instead of the proper one we should be using. and nope, im not even gonna type it in here. and yes, im already secertly slapping you for googling or thinking of googling it. for shame 
  17. im passive agressive 
  18. on occassions, i take random bus rides, plug in my headset in my ear, listen to music. then i just get off at the bus’ last stop then ride back.
  19. i love melon shake but not a fan of melon, the fruit. i also don’t like raisins and pineapple.
  20. my dream fastfood combo of death is: 1 slice of sbarro pizza, fries and peach mango pie of jollibee, large coke and spaghetti of mcdonalds, and triple big classic burger of wendy’s. destroy. oh, we haven’t done this yet too. yeah, you know who you are.

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"why wont you lay with me so it doesn’t hurt?"